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Welcome to the Weird n' Wild Creatures WikiEdit

Weird n' Wild Creatures are a set of knowledge cards originally published by International Masters Publishers, Inc. from 2003 to 2010. The cards contain information on creatures from nature, prehistoric to the present, as well as creatures of the imagination. They are no longer being published. They come with complimentary Trading Cards. These are also used to play various card games.

If you have any of these cards, create an article with the picture of the card.

The CardsEdit

The Weird n' Wild Creatures set comes with two types of cards.

Knowledge CardsEdit

The knowledge cards are a set of large cards with information about animals (Creatures) of the present, past, and fantasy. The cards come in eight groups: Monsters of the Past; Nightmares of Nature; Toxic Terrors; Monsters of the Deep; Tiny Terrors; Strange Wonders; Monsters of the Mind; and Monster Mania.

Trading CardsEdit

Trading cards are smaller collectable creature cards, which can also be used to play games.

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