Premium CardsEdit

Some of the Creatures in the Weird n' Wild collection are so fierce that they're given Premium Card Status. These cards have Super-Attack or Super-Defense power, depending on natural or supernatural abilities. Plus, most Premium Cards have additional special powers that help them dominate the battlefield. As these cards are super-strong,they are also harder to come by. 

Card ListEdit

Attack CardsEdit

Lion Ruby Attack Power
Barracuda Diamond (Attack) Power
Beast People Emerald Attack Power
Cheetah Emerald Attack Power
Chimaera Gold Attack Power
Dunkleosteus Iron Attack Power
Emerald Tree Boa Emerald Attack Power
Giant Squid Titanium (Attack) Power
Grim Reaper Platinum Attack Power
Nandi Bear Gold Attack Power
Nothosaurus Gold Attack Power
Saber Toothed Tiger Titanium (Attack) Power
Sarcosuchus Gold Attack Power
Tarbosaurus Emerald Attack Power
T-Rex Gold Attack Power
Typhon Platinum Attack Power
Werewolf Gold Attack Power

Defense CardsEdit

Basilisk Gold Defense Power
Chasmosaurus Gold Defense Power
Crown of Thorns Starfish Platinum Defense Power
Edmontonia Platinum Defense Power
Gigantopithecus Emerald Defense Power
Killer Bee Gold Defense Power
Panther Chameleon Ruby Defense Power
Phoenix Unleashed (Defense) Power
Platybelodon Ruby Defense Power
Seismosaurus Platinum Defense Power
Spitting Cobra Steel Defense Power
Styracosaurus Steel Defense Power
Thorny Devil Gold Defense Power

A very few common Creature cards will have a Premium twin.

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