Knowledge CardsEdit

Knowledge cards are 7' x 5' cards with information, colorful pictures, and bits of trivia, each about the specific "creature" listed on that card. The creature cards come in seven groups:

Group Creatures Cards
1 Monsters of the Past 124
2 Nightmares of Nature 117
3 Toxic Terrors 104
4 Monsters of the Deep 101
5 Tiny Terrors 103
6 Strange Wonders 147
7 Monsters of the Mind 109

Plus an eighth group:

8     Monster Mania 106

This group of cards has games of various sorts, trivia questions and other activities to do, plus, information on the various types of game to play with the Trading Cards, and how to use them.

Liaoningosaurus, a new creature is soon going to get a knowledge card.
Liaoningosaurus 20150704

Liaoningosaurus paradoxus lived in the Early Cretaceous. It was discovered in 2001.

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